Electronic Components and Devices

Electronic components exist in an electronic device or system in order to affect electrons or their associated fields. Electronic components are either active, passive or electromechanical. All components have at least two terminals or leads which then connect to create the electronic circuit with a specific function e.g. amplifier. Electronic components can be divided into two main groups, discrete electronic components which are individual components that can be linked together to create a circuit such as resistors and transistors or integrated circuits which are miniature circuits embedded into a silicon chip. Electronic components are used in all electronic devices. Electronics are a major part of everyday life and electronic components are devices are an essential part of all industries and in the domestic setting.

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  1. Optoelectronics
    - 12 Suppliers 158,106 Products

    Optoelectronics is a broad term covering any devices or instruments which convert electrical energy into light energy or vice versa. It concerns the manufacture of many devices in the fields of telecommunications, lighting, medicine, industry and the military as well as many common domestic appliances.

  2. Passive Circuit Components
    - 20 Suppliers 1,508,545 Products

    Passive circuit components consume power but cannot generate it. They are devices which release the power to be used in the electrical circuit. There are many types of passive circuit components but the most common are resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers and diodes. They have many applications in many fields.

  3. Printed Circuit Boards and Accessories
    - 14 Suppliers 111,647 Products

    Printed circuit boards and their accessories are essential components of almost all electronic devices and ensure that the capabilities of any machine can be tailor-made to suit the user. There are a variety of both PCBs and accessories and which to install depends on the user's expectations.

  4. Programmers and Accessories
    - 1 Supplier 10 Products

    Electronic programmers support programmable devices through the use of microchip technology. The term programmers include equipment that is used to configure a wide range of integrated circuits. Electronic programmers and accessories are widely used by schools, colleges, universities, programming houses, development companies and production facilities.

  5. Semiconductors
    - 17 Suppliers 843,512 Products

    Semiconductors are able to conduct current but only partly. There are two basic kinds, both of which cause electrons in one direction and create a current. These components have many applications in the field of switching, amplification, energy conversion, gating and lighting.