Decoders & Encoders

Decoders and encoders are any circuit, software program or algorithm which converts information or data from one format or code into another. They are essential in the field of electronics as they allow the rapid transfer of huge amounts of information in a way so users and devices can communicate even though they do not speak the same 'language'. Electric circuits are a form of simple encoder as they assign a binary code to the active input line. Apart from that, there is a huge variety of decoders and encoders. Whether they are rotary/linear or absolute/incremental, they use one of two measuring principles: magnetic or optical. Although optical was preferred in the past, magnetic encoders have made technical improvements to compete with them. Optical versions can reach resolutions of one micron but magnetic tend to still be a popular choice in industry. Encoders and decoders can translate rotary or linear motion into a digital signal, which makes assembly and production processes in industry so much easier for machinery like conveyors and fillers. In telecommunications, they are used to change the signal or data into a code. Audio or visual encoders can convert an analogue signal into digital format.

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