Bulk Materials Handling

Bulk material handling is centred on the creation of equipment used for the handling of dry materials in bulk form, such as ores, coal, cereals, wood chips, sand, gravel and stone. The purpose of bulk material handling equipment is usually to transport materials from several sources to a final destination. However, bulk materials handling can also be applied to storage and inventory control. Bulk Materials Handling encompasses all of the following equipment: conveyor belts, screw conveyors, railcar dumpers, wagon tipplers, tubular drag conveyors, moving floors, toploaders, stackers, bucket elevators, reclaimers, diverters, truck dumpers, stackers, shiploaders, hoppers, mobile hopper loaders and unloaders and various shuttles (like storage silos). Industries that use bulk materials handling include agricultural, mining (with continuous underground systems) and logistics with overland haulage, terminals, stockyards and port facilities.

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  1. Augers
    - 1 Supplier 14 Products

    No tool performs as hard as the Auger when it comes to moving liquids and materials from one location to another, or for boring holes without a debris build up. Strong and hard, the Auger performs at its best when cutting through wood, clay and soil. The Auger is an essential piece of equipment for in the home improvements and agricultural industry.

  2. Bulk Bins
    - 5 Suppliers 111 Products

    Take the stress out of storage of feed, grain, powder, wood pellets, mineral salts and fertilisers, and milk with a Bulk Bin. Not only does it work to save you money, by allowing you to buy in bulk, it’s also less labour intensive, kinder to the environment as it generates no waste and better optimises space with clever elevated storage. Each Bulk Bin is designed for everything the weather can throw it, keeping all contents dry and fresh.

  3. Hoppers
    - 3 Suppliers 135 Products

    Whether the industry is cement, pharmaceutical, farming, or mining the Hopper fulfils your needs when you demand something more heavy-duty. Designed to hold matter and transport or distribute it when required, it’s easy to see how many the Hopper is relieving the manual labour from some of the industry’s most labour extensive processes. Available in a range of sizes, the Hopper offers something for everyone – be it animal feeding or the transportation of material.

  4. Loaders
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    Loaders are the go-to in transporting materials like feed, gravel, logs, snow, sand, woodchips, dirt and rock. They work by scooping shovelling so that nothing drags along the ground. Loaders are available with both fixed attachments, or in versions where the front attachment can be changed depending on the job requirements. Loaders successfully help you move materials from one place to the other.

  5. Silos
    - 2 Suppliers 3 Products

    Silos are perfect for storing bulk materials like grain and bulk silage feed. They work to seal in the product, much like a thermos cup, and keep the moisture and temperate totally regulated from all elements. This is perfect when harvesting food for animals, like grass, that require moisture to be locked in.

  6. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.