The Auger is also an agricultural tool that is used to break through soil and clay. The Auger resembles a corkscrew but once rotated, the unique auger design moves materials or liquids to the desired location (either up or down, depending on the rotation). It’s the strong and long design, which makes Augers ideal for boring deep holes. Their real skill lies in removing materials from bore holes, which dramatically reduces the risk of clogging or jamming Another agricultural use of the design is the grain auger, which can be used to separate grain from carts and trucks into special storage bins. It works by using the spiral to move the grain upward through a metal tube, allowing the hopper to receive the grain. A drill bit, which is the most common type of Auger, works by removing shavings and debris from the hole as it is being filled. Augers perform hard throughout many areas of home improvements and agriculture. Even though the Auger is said to date back from 200s BC, the tool is still used by farmers, carpenters and builders alike because of its skill in transport both liquids and materials from one place to another.

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