A Hopper is a pyramidal shaped container that is used in agricultural and industrials processes to hold and transport matter. Different types of matter that the Hopper can handle includes free flowing farm materials, and industrial materials like sand and soil. Each Hopper comes in a range of sizes and materials, depending on function but all must be easy to transport and secure. Hoppers are unique in that they deliver systemically and evenly, ensuring accuracy and less wastage. In fact, electric Hoppers put the user in control through variable speeds with electric or electro/hydraulic drive. Hoppers also provide a way to feed animals. With a small and lightweight Hopper, food can be dropped from a very small height into a bowl feeder, without causing any damage to the bowl so are an indispensable part of the agricultural business. Hoppers are the go-to when something heavy duty is required, either due to quantity, the industry and the matter handled or simply the environment. Hoppers are used in various different industries, including cement, farming, pharmaceutical and mining.

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