Optical Peripherals and Accessories

Optical peripherals are types of a computer equipment that can be linked to a computer optically. The most common of which is a computer mouse, which is a pointing device which detects motion that is relative to the surface is it on. In optical peripherals, the pointer on the computer display is directed by photons in light or infrared beams (IR). There are many benefits of Optical Peripherals and Accessories but the biggest is that the equipment is connected without wires. Types of optical Peripherals and Accessories include a computer mouse, keyboards and presenters. Optical peripherals and accessories are used in a wide range of offices.

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  1. Amplifiers
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    Amplifiers can be used in microscopy to accelerate the rate at which digital images can be produced when taking stills using a microscope digital camera. Amplifiers can be used as part of your purpose built microscopy system to enable you to carry out any microscopy application at a higher speed.

  2. Blackout Material
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    Black out material is used in ellipsometry processes and in some polarimetry techniques which would be badly influenced by any light saturation. Blackout material can be applied to surfaces like windows, doors or vents to darkened the room by blocking light.

  3. Detectors
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    Detectors are used to measure light in a wide range of optical applications including in ellipsometry processes and during the practice of some polarimetry techniques. Common types of detectors include photodiodes and photodector, beam profilers, detector mounts, DUV photodiodes, fiber-coupled optical receiver modules, photodiodes, received modules, segmented photodiodes, silicon detectors and solderable photodiodes.

  4. Light Meters
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    A light meter is used to measure amounts of light both inside and outside. They are used in photography, scenic design and cinematography to achieve optimum light conditions. Common light meters are available in both digital and analogue format.

  5. Optical Adhesives
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    Optical adhesives are used to cement or bond optical components together like a glue. Optical adhesives are used in the field of optics for bonding optical equipment together like prisms, achromats and various other precision compound optics.

  6. Optical Cleaning
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    Inspection and cleaning of optical components are essential to ensuring correct functioning and checking for any surface defects. It's important to ensure that when carrying out any type of optical cleaning the correct equipment is used as per the handling instructions. Specialised cleaning equipment such as lens wipes, gloves and tweezers may be needed to carry put efficient cleaning.

  7. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.