Optics is a branch of physics concerned with the properties and behaviour of light, and optical equipment uses or detects light in different ways across a variety of applications that are concerned with the use or behaviour of visible, ultraviolet and infrared light. Practical applications can be found in everyday manufactured objects such as lenses, mirrors, telescopes, lasers and microscopes and optical sciences are studied in a variety of disciplines including medicine, photography and imaging, engineering and astronomy. The science of optics and Optical equipment are not only used in daily life to produce lenses for eyeglasses and in photography, it also has a range of applications to industry including in the defence, engineering medical and commercial sectors.

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  1. Beamsplitters
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    A beamsplitter is an optical device that’s used to split an incoming beam of light into two halves. A wide variety of beamsplitters in various shapes is available including pellicle, cube, polka dot, plate and speciality prism beamsplitters. They are used in a number of optical applications including optical interferometry, life sciences, fluorescent applications and semiconductor instrumentation.

  2. Diffraction Gratings
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    A diffraction grating is an optical component which diffracts and splits light into its separate wavelengths. They can be either reflective or transmissive and cover the Ultraviolet, Visible or Infrared regions of the wavelength spectrum. Diffraction gratings are used in the production of optical instruments such as spectrometers, lasers, optical pulse compressing devices and wavelength division devices.

  3. Fiber Optics
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    Fiber optic communication sends information from one place to another by transmitting pulses of light through optical fibre. This optical fiber os contained within fiber optic cables that carry digital information over long distances. They have revolutionised modern communications, and are widely used by telecommunications companies.

  4. Infrared Optics
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    Infrared optics describes optical components that are specifically engineered for transmitting, using or detecting light from the infrared region of the wavelength spectrum. These include infrared beamsplitters, infrared windows, infrared filters and infrared lenses. Optical applications include the production of dual field of view and manual focus lenses for the military.

  5. Optical Filters
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    Optical Filters selectively transmit light of different wavelengths by blocking a specific wavelength or range of wavelengths. The range of optical filters available includes Notch Filters, Interference Filters, Substrate Filters and ND filters. They are widely used in photography and also for some scientific and technical work.

  6. Optical Lenses
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    Optical lenses transmit light using refraction and can focus light to form an image. Simple lenses are made from a single piece of transparent material that's moulded and polished so each surface is either convex, concave or flat. More complex lenses that use multiple elements are also available. Optical lenses are used in imaging, life sciences, industrial and defence.

  7. Optical Mirrors
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    Optical mirrors reflect light through a wavelength or range of wavelengths and include laser mirrors optimised for a specific wavelength along with flat, focusing, Metal substrate and other speciality mirrors. Optical mirrors are used for Interferometry, illumination, imagery, beam steering in the solar, semiconductor, astronomy, metrology and life sciences industries.

  8. Polarizers
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    A polariser is a type of optical filter which lets the light of a specific polarisation pass trough it whilst blocking other polarisations. Polarisers that analyse or create polarised light can be used for sunlight readable touchscreens, 3D projection systems, contrast enhancement and in photography where it removes unwanted and potentially distracting reflections from non-metallic surfaces.

  9. Prisms
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    An optical prism is used to refract a beam of light and separate it out into the colours of the spectrum, in much the same way as a rainbow does. In optics, prisms are used to deviate a beam of light by a specified angle. The range of prisms available includes Equilateral prisms, Amici roof Prisms, Fresnel Prisms and Deviating Penta prisms.

  10. Windows and Diffusers
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    An optical diffuser is made from glass and scatters light evenly, an optical window is a transparent piece of film that lets light into an optical instrument. Optical diffusers include ground glass diffusers, Opal Diffusing glass and Holographic diffusers. Optical windows are selected by the mechanics of the substrate, which include materials such a Zinc, UV Fused Silica and Germanium.

  11. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.