Contract Manufacture

Contract manufacture is a form of outsourcing, where a manufacturer contracts with another company for goods. For example, in the food industry, contract manufacturing is when food is produced by one company and sold under the label of another. The advantages of this include cost saving, sourcing of advanced skills, quality and economies of scale. Contract manufacturing is often called private label manufacturing. In the food business, contract manufacturer is known as copacker. Toll manufacturing is often confused with contract manufacturing because it involves outsourcing to a third party. However, tolls manufacturing differs because in contract manufacturing the third party is supplying the manufacturing process as well as sourcing all of the raw materials. Industries that use contract manufacturing include aerospace, defence, computer, semiconductor, energy, pharmaceutical, medical, food manufacturing, personal care, and automotive fields.

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  1. Additive Manufacturing
    - 13 Suppliers 105 Services

    Addictive manufacturing is commonly known as AM or 3D printing. It is the process of adding layer upon layer to create a 3D model or prototype. Because of its rapid production speed, AM is widely used in rapid prototyping in the industries of automotive, dental, medical and even fashion.

  2. Casting
    - 12 Suppliers 232 Services

    Casting is a manufacturing process which involves liquid being poured into hollow cavity mould to create a shape that is otherwise difficult to create. It is a common process used various industries including transport, heavy equipment, machine tools, and defence. Types of casting materials include concrete, plaster, clay and epoxy.

  3. Coating and Finishing
    - 43 Suppliers 1,332 Services

    Coating and finishing are manufacturing processes done to alter the surface of a manufactured item. This alternation is done as an end process, usually to make the product stronger, less subject to corrosion or too mask or remove surface flaws.

  4. Cutting
    - 43 Suppliers 1,095 Services

    Cutting is used to make a raw piece of material fit a required shape or size. This is done using various different tools, many are traditional like lathe, a drill, milling machine, cutting machine, saw or grinding machine. New cutting methods are obtained with NC machining, electrical discharge machining (EDM), electro-chemical erosion, laser cutting, or water jet cutting.

  5. Electrical and Electronics
    - 28 Suppliers 1,929 Services

    Electronics and electrical are two different subcategories that encompass different subfields like electronics, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunications, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems. Electronics and electrical engineering are fields of study and development in the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing and computer industry.

  6. Machining
    - 90 Suppliers 3,436 Services

    Machining refers to various different processes that are used to cut and re-size by a controlled material-removal process. It generally refers to metal cutting, but can also include wood, plastic, and ceramics and has three processes; turning, drilling and milling.

  7. Moulding and Extrusion
    - 45 Suppliers 1,757 Services

    Extrusion moulding is a process of manufacturing that is used to make lots of common products, such as – pipes, hoses, curtains tracks and rods, drinking straws, automotive, coolant hoses and fibre cables. The process is done by melting granulates into liquid form and forcing them through a mould (known as a die) forming a long tube shape.

  8. Other Fabrication Services
    - 33 Suppliers 522 Services

    Other types of fabrication services include the fabrication of metal through bending, cutting and assembly processes. In each case, metal is fashioned to fit a desired part, product or application. Fabrication is a process that can be done in-house or outsourced to specialist suppliers with large fab shops and specialist expertise. In each case, fabrication services can be employed OEMS, contractors and VARS.

  9. Welding
    - 34 Suppliers 514 Services

    Welding is used in both fabrication and culture. In the processes, base metals are heated up to the point where they fuse. The point of fusion is then reinforcing with a filler which gives more strength than the base metal itself. Welding is a process used in bicycles and aircraft production, repair and maintenance, as well as automotive vehicles and naval applications.