Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services plan the design, maintenance and construction of physical buildings and natural environments such as roads, canals, bridges and is the second-oldest engineering profession. It also deals with the improvement of existing structures that have become neglected through time, while maintaining the public and environmental health. Civil Engineering deals with the scientific function as well as the physical to understand the intricacies of the structure being built or improved. Civil Engineering covers architectural, environmental, structural, transportation, forensic and water resources engineering to mention a few. There are many more sub divisions within this profession and they cover a vast array of disciplines. Civil engineering takes place in the public sector from municipal to national governments and from individual homeowners to international organisations within the private sector. Many civil engineers spend their time outdoors and on construction sites so they can monitor developments and deal with any issues that may arise. Wherever and whenever there is a new building development or water system being implemented or improved, a civil engineer will have been involved and will be present until the project is complete.

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  1. Coastal Engineering
    - 1 Supplier 2 Services

    Coastal Engineering is necessary in the development and maintenance of our coastal environment and our shorelines. These professionals ascertain ways to protect the area, and surrounding buildings, from severe damage caused by floods or natural erosion. A huge percentage of people and buildings are on or near the coast so it is crucial that these areas are protected and regularly monitored to prevent damage.

  2. Construction Engineering
    - 5 Suppliers 24 Services

    Construction engineering has several different sub-categories and engineers normally develop and specialise in a specific field. Construction engineers who specialise in heavy or building constructions will work on projects over several years rather than a few months, whereas engineers who focus on mechanical or electrical engineering will work on a regular basis on specific projects ensuring they are maintained to a high standard and are safe. Construction engineering is special in that these engineers understand the planning and design process as much as the implementation and construction process therefore their knowledge is invaluable in their work.

  3. Control Engineering
    - 7 Suppliers 27 Services

    Control Engineering looks at the current process of a system and records items such as temperature, output, speed etc. and puts in place processes and controls to ensure optimum output of this system. It will test the controls by using special techniques and putting in place specific parameters comparing it with the actual output to the desired output to determine if the required action is achieved.

  4. Earthquake Engineering
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Services

    Earthquake Engineering is studying the seismic performance of structures in an earthquake situation. It also deals with the analysis and design of buildings that will remain undamaged in small shakes or severe earthquakes.

  5. Environmental Engineering
    - 5 Suppliers 54 Services

    Environmental engineering finds possible solutions to adverse factors affecting the human population, animals and the environment and aims to improve public health as well as many environmental matters, locally and globally.

  6. Forensic Engineering
    - 1 Supplier 1 Service

    Forensic engineering applies engineering principles to determine the cause of accidents that lead to personal injury or damage. By doing this the forensic engineer can establish whether this was a deliberate and intentional action or not. Forensic engineers analyse their results and suggest possible solutions to prevent further incidents of the same nature, sometimes providing this information to a court of law.

  7. Geotechnical Engineering
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Services

    Geotechnical engineering is a science to determine the stability of structures during natural disasters. These engineers study and analyse the earth’s surface and subsurface and look at soil and rock properties. Geotechnical engineering is used to analyse, design and construct many solid structures that are made from or supported by soil and rock.

  8. Materials Engineering
    - 9 Suppliers 6,035 Services

    Material engineering is used in every sector and field and each time we buy a product or explore a new area or building, it is almost certain that a material engineer was involved at some point with the construction and development of it. Material engineers are not exclusive to finding new materials and substances, they also analyse current materials to obtain details about their function and learn from them to assist in finding new materials and helping improve the quality and existence of the human race.

  9. Structural Engineering
    - 3 Suppliers 42 Services

    Structural engineering is used to understand and test a building or structure and ensure it is stable and safe. This can be done by using simple to complex methods of analysis and investigation prior to the build or it can be done by analysing a structure that has collapsed or been damaged and by understanding the reasons for this failure and learning from it helping to improve future structures and make them safe.

  10. Transportation Engineering
    - 3 Suppliers 7 Services

    Transportation engineering gets involved in the planning, design and construction of all areas ad means of transport. It looks at the requirements of new constructions as well as the current state of transportation vessels and assesses the safety, reliability, comfort speed and convenience of them.

  11. Urban Engineering
    - 1 Supplier 3 Services

    Urban engineering is a branch of civil engineering that deals with the urban environment and everything within it. Urban engineering provides a service that maintains public areas and general utilities that are essential as well as ensuring the environment is maintained to a clean state to maintain public health. Urban engineering also looks at proposed new constructions and identifies the impact of this on the current environment and suggests recommendations where necessary.

  12. Water Resources engineering
    - 1 Supplier 2 Services

    Water resource engineering engages in the study of water supplies as well as planning, designing and constructing waste water systems. Water resource engineers use their creative imagination to develop and produce effective systems. Some challenges that water resource engineering encounters is increasing sea levels and the engineer must use his mathematical problem-solving abilities to create a practical solution to this issue while being able to relay this information to others in an understandable fashion.

  13. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 34 Services

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.