In Heating and Ventilation systems, fans are mounted either to the ceiling or used as part of a ducting system. The air pumped through the fan is either cooled or pre heated depending on the requirements of the environment. The fan is turned by an electric motor, creating unidirectional air flow. Ceiling and mobile fans provide temporary cooling solutions in warmer areas and climates. When choosing the right fan for a job, several factors should be taken into consideration including the strength of the motor and air flow required. Axial fans, or propeller fans are a low cost solution, suitable for temporary use. Centrifugal fans produce more air volume than an axial fan and this is typically the type of fan you’ll find in larger scale, ducted ventilation systems. Axial fans are used in a range of applications, such as the small cooling fans found in small electronic devices, car engine fans, box fans and ceiling fans. They are the better choice when dealing with lower air volumes and pressures.

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