Cable Ties

Cable ties are a simple nylon or plastic fastener used to attach cables or wires together to prevent them becoming entangled and possibly damaged. The edge of the cable tie is inserted through a hole and pulled to the required tightness. Most cable ties are considered to be a single-use device as they cannot be loosened without being cut. Care must be taken that they are not too tight as they can damage the cable insulation and hinder the proper signal transmission. One type of cable tie can be used to attach lines of wires to special strain relief plates. This means the packing density is greater as more lines can be fixed on one plate. They also allow parallel routing of several lines of varying diameter. A stainless steel cable tie, either naked or coated in plastic, can be used for external applications and hazardous environments. For external use, they should have UV protection so the plastic does not degrade. Some ties have a tab so the tie can be released, loosened or reused. Cable ties can be used in the home or office as cable management devices. When used for strain plate relief plates, they are generally used in industry.

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