Power Inverters

Power inverters are an electronic device which can be used to convert DC into AC supply. They are also used to change DC power from solar or fuel cells into AC power for further distribution. Inverters are usually run on a 12-volt battery or several batteries in parallel. Smaller devices can be plugged into the inverter when there is no mains electricity and the batteries will supply the necessary power. Once they have been used, the batteries will have to be recharged. The power supplied by inverters depends on their input voltage, output voltage, frequency and overall power handling. They can be various sizes depending on the watts/amps of the appliance to be used; some can be used with the socket in the dashboard of cars. Inverters can be categorised as three types: square wave, quasi wave and true sine wave. Inverters have a number of applications. They can be part of a large system in factories where the DC-operated machinery needs to take power from an AC-derived source. They are also used in the electricity distribution system and in induction heating systems. In case of a power cut, inverters can be used to supply current to household appliances such as microwaves and lamps.

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