Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and extensive engineering fields involved in the design, production and operation of machinery. Mechanical engineering crosses over into other engineering fields such as aerospace, chemical and industrial engineering to mention a few. There are many subsections within this one field of engineering: mechanics, mechatronics and robotics, structural analysis, thermo-science and design and drafting. Some of these subsections are exclusive to mechanical engineering while others are a combination of mechanical engineering and other engineering branches. A mechanical engineer will use the skills and techniques from several of these subsections. There is a vast area in which mechanical engineering services can be used and the skills and expert knowledge of the mechanical engineer. Construction companies, transportation organisations, engineering and manufacturing organisations. Since mechanical engineering is one of the oldest practices that crosses over into many different fields, it is easy to see and understand why it would be beneficial and applicable to most organisation and industries.

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  1. Acoustical Engineering
    - 0 Suppliers 22 Services

    The management of noise control and vibrations within areas of work to provide a working environment that is safe and does not cause unnecessary ear damage due to improper and unwanted noise is known as acoustical engineering. Acoustical engineering can be used for a more positive function in the development of public areas, for example a railway station, to make their announcements clearer.

  2. Aerospace Engineering
    - 7 Suppliers 222 Services

    Aerospace engineering is involved with all types of aircraft within the earth’s atmosphere and venturing further out into space. It deals with the design, manufacture and maintenance of airplanes, helicopters to space shuttles and rockets.

  3. Hydraulic Engineering
    - 4 Suppliers 44 Services

    Hydraulic engineering is a sub-discipline of civil engineering, which primarily relies on the force of gravity to as a motive force to move fluid. Hydraulic engineers are commonly found at industrial facilities managing turbines, pipes, and pumps – like those found in dams, levees, water distribution networks, and water collection networks.

  4. Manufacturing Engineering
    - 27 Suppliers 370 Services

    The design of complex and innovative mechanical systems enables manufacturing engineering to convert energy into power. Manufacturing engineers develop and create physical production processes and technology and this extensive area includes the design and development of goods.

  5. Production Engineering
    - 21 Suppliers 552 Services

    It is necessary to understand the relationship between the environment and production systems as well as staying up-to-date with developing technology to ensure the production engineer has the necessary information to design, implement and improve products services and processes. The production engineer deals with the design and planning of the entire manufacturing system that is becoming more and more intricate with the development of production methods and controls.

  6. Thermal Engineering
    - 5 Suppliers 8 Services

    Thermal engineering is a branch of engineering that deals specifically with the heating and cooling of products and systems, from boiler design to power plants. Thermal engineers are quite often involved in projects providing detailed designs on the thermal analysis.

  7. Vehicle Engineering
    - 4 Suppliers 40 Services

    Vehicle engineering is a sub division of the engineering field and it is involved with the design of a vehicle as well as the development, manufacture and testing of it. Vehicle engineers can sometimes be involved in the marketing, sales and after sales care, including vehicles, racing cars and motor bikes.

  8. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 170 Services

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.