Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment is an integral part of any commercial kitchen or any size. The type of cooking equipment needed differs based on the size of the business or nature of the menu. Cooking equipment includes the machines needed to cook food, as well as utensils. Common cooking equipment includes the machines necessary to cook such as microwaves, overs, grills, toasty machines, fryers, pizza ovens, waffle machines, barbecues, ice cream makers, and rice cookers. Cooking equipment also includes utensils, pots and pans needed to prepare and cook food. Cooking equipment is used all types of commercial and home kitchens including restaurants, pizzerias, school canteens, cafes, tea rooms and sandwich bars.

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  1. Barbeques
    - 2 Suppliers 31 Products

    Barbequing is a form of cooking, as well as a type of equipment used to cook. It is commonly used outside but lots of commercial kitchens incorporate barbecues because they can capture a delicious and unique Smokey flavour that is very desirable.

  2. Convection Ovens
    - 2 Suppliers 68 Products

    Convection ovens are quicker than conventional ovens thanks to the fan-assisted power. The fan, which is usually located by the heating element at the top or bottom of the oven, circulates air and eliminated cold pockets in any type of cooking – both domestic and commercial.

  3. Dual Fuel Ranges
    - 2 Suppliers 20 Products

    Dual fuel ranges allow commercial kitchens the opportunities to cook multiple meals at once, even at different temperatures. This is thanks to multi grills and the option of more than one oven, which allows for the cooking of different meals at the same time – perfect for establishments with a varied menu.

  4. Electric Ovens and Ranges
    - 2 Suppliers 155 Products

    Electric ovens and ranges rely on electric power to heat, cook and bake food. They are common in the catering world, particularly in the restaurant and hotel industry because they are quick and versatile and available in many different options and configurations.

  5. Extraction Equipment
    - 3 Suppliers 82 Products

    Extraction equipment works to remove air, in kitchens, that is contaminated by smoke and cooking odours. They can work by taking in contaminated air, filtering it and recycling it back out or by taking in contaminated air and blowing out fresh air.

  6. Fryers
    - 2 Suppliers 346 Products

    Fryers are used by those in catering to fry and crisp food. They are commonly used to fry fish, chips, crispy chicken and doughnuts. There are various types of fryers depending on the use, including counter-top, grill fryers, doughnut fryer, single capacity fryer, double capacity fryer, freestanding fryers, oil-less and oil-free fryers.

  7. Gas Ovens and Ranges
    - 3 Suppliers 264 Products

    Gas oven and ranges rely on gas power to heat, cook and bake food. They are common in the catering world, particularly in the restaurant and hotel industry because they are quick and versatile and available in many different options and configurations.

  8. Grease Traps
    - 0 Suppliers 0 Products

    Grease Traps

  9. Griddles
    - 2 Suppliers 234 Products

    Griddles are flat plates made of wrought or cast wrought iron, carbon steel or aluminium that are heated by electricity, gas, wood, coal or other applications. They are commonly used to cook pancakes, French toast and bacon because they allow for even heat distribution and quick cooking.

  10. Grills
    - 2 Suppliers 368 Products

    Grills are available for outdoor and indoor cooking and involve food being cooked through a dry heat source from above or below. Types of grills include like gas grills, built in grills, range grills, charcoal grills, electric grills and portable grills.

  11. Hobs
    - 1 Supplier 32 Products

    Hobs (commonly caused cooktop, stovetops and burners) use various sources of power (including gas, electric and induction electric) to cook food. They are popular in the catering industry including in restaurants, cafes, food vans and hotels because they allow the user to control the temperature and perfect the cooking process.

  12. Induction Hobs
    - 2 Suppliers 18 Products

    Induction hobs are a popular method of cooking equipment because they heat up quicker than thermal or electric hobs. They rely on magnetic induction and are a popular hob choice in domestically as well as in restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

  13. Microwave Ovens
    - 2 Suppliers 132 Products

    Microwaves are used to cook, re-heating or defrost and are particularly popular in restaurants, concession stands, fast food outlets, and catering operations thanks to their speed and efficiency. They work by heating food through radiation and require very little user input bar the programming.

  14. Pizza Ovens
    - 2 Suppliers 87 Products

    Pizza ovens are used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and pizzerias to perfectly cook pizza. The types of ovens fall into a traditional or contemporary category which each being sourced by a different method including gas, electric, fire wood or coal.

  15. Rotisseries
    - 2 Suppliers 37 Products

    Rotisseries provide a way of cooking chicken and other meats quickly and healthy by skewering it and turning it at a slow speed. Traditional rotisseries used fire to cook the meat but modern rotisseries are electric and capable to cooking several birds at once.

  16. Toasters
    - 2 Suppliers 77 Products

    A toaster changes bread products to toast through radiant heat. Common types of toasters are pop up toasters, conveyor toasters and toaster ovens which are all commonly seen in kitchens, restaurants, hotels and cafes.

  17. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 165 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.