Windows and fittings

Also known as window hardware or window furniture, window fittings ensure the smooth opening, closing and/or tilting of windows, maintain tightness and protect the property from burglary. The term encompasses all handles, stays, fasteners and locking mechanisms. The choice of window fittings would depend on the material of the frames, whether they are uPVC, aluminium or timber for example. Other factors to take into consideration are the size and relative weight of the window as well as the style (bay, sash, single-hung and so on). The basic window fitting is a handle to change the position of the sash. Multi-point locking features are commonly placed along its entire length. Windows can use turn-only fittings, tilt fittings or a combination of the two. Locking devices are a usual feature but there are also more sophisticated security installations such as mushroom striking plates or anti-drill plates in case a burglar tries to break or remove the window. Interior decor means that windows are usually covered with at least one set of curtains or blinds so householders tend to concentrate more upon the functionality of window fittings. Windows and the fittings are especially of interest for new-build, refurbishment or restoration projects.

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