Office Machines

Office machines is a broad category which includes several machines used in offices. Some of these machines may be crucial to everyday functioning of an office and some may not be used on a regular basis. But nonetheless office machines are an essential part of modern offices and workplaces. Office machines refers to various items such as calculators, cash registers, fax machines, dictation machines, cash registers and tills, coil binders, comb binders, hole punchers, label makers, staplers, paper shredders, laminators, thermal binders, wire binders. As is clear from the above list most of these machines are extensively used in offices of all sizes and are essential for everyday functioning of an office.

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  1. Calculators and Adding Machines
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    Calculators have been the main adding devices used in offices and workplaces for all sort of bookkeeping and accounting operations for the last 50 years. Calculators can be of several types such as pocket calculator, desktop calculator, or print desk calculator. There is also a category of scientific calculator primarily used in universities, schools and laboratories.

  2. Cash Register and Tills
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    Cash register and tills are normally found in retail, hospitality and other businesses dealing with large amount of cash transactions. A cash register and drawer for coins and notes is the most common feature across all supermarkets and retail establishments.

  3. Coil Binders
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    Coil binders are essential for spiral binding as no binding process can be done without using them. Coil binders used in offices are mostly modest devices which can be used by anyone with little training. Although professional binding companies use heavy binders whose capacity to bind can run in hundreds of thousands of pages.

  4. Comb Binders
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    Comb binders are one of the most common equipment used for binding various documents within an office. Most comb binders used in offices are quite compact and ergonomic. Comb binders can be categorized as manual or electric comb binders and can comb bind from 200-400+ sheets of paper easily.

  5. Dictation Machines and Accessories
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    Dictation machines have been used for recording voice, interviews, minutes of a meeting or conference for more than a century. As such they play an important role in modern offices. Modern dictation machines are mainly available in two types, analogue and digital namely.

  6. Fax Machines
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    Fax machines are used in most of the offices, although with the advent of internet and email their use is decreasing. Fax machines can be of two types namely thermal fax machines and laser fax machines. These two types of faxes differ significantly in the technology used and quality of print. With the passage of time thermal fax machines are being replaced by more effective laser/inkjet faxes.

  7. Guillotines and Trimmers
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    Guillotines and Trimmers are used in most offices for cutting or trimming large sheets of paper. Office Guillotines and Trimmers differ significantly from their industrial counterparts as their sheet capacity is just a fraction of industrial Guillotines and Trimmers. Most of the Guillotines and Trimmers are manually operated and require a little amount of instruction or training.

  8. Hole Punchers
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    Hole punchers as the name suggests, are used for punching holes in the documents and are among the most widely used instruments in any office. Most hole punchers can punch two or four holes in up to 20-30 documents, but hole punchers with larger capacity to punch holes in 60+ sheets of paper can also be bought easily.

  9. Intercom Equipment
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    Intercom equipment such as PBX, and telephone sets have been used in offices and workplaces for at least half a century as these allows one to set up an internal communication network within a building. Most intercom systems are built around an internal central exchange which is like the larger telecom exchanges used by telecom companies.

  10. Label Makers
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    Label makers are used in all types of offices and these allow workers to print self-adhesive labels in-house without wasting time or money. Most label makers can be connected to computers and often come with their own software which allows a user to use them in a similar way as office printers connected to a shared LAN network.

  11. Laminators
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    Laminators are used in offices for laminating documents from water damage, stains, greases etc. Most modern-day office laminators are extremely easy to use and require little or no training. A4, A3 and A5 laminators are the most common ones used in offices.

  12. Mobile Phones and Accessories
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    Mobile phones are playing an increasingly important role in modern offices and workplaces. Recent technological advancements and cloud computing has made a mobile phone essentially a business device. Mobile phones allow workers to communicate with each other, share important files, save progress of a project on cloud, keep a tab on project related updates even when they are not in office.

  13. Shredders
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    Paper shredders have remained in the mainstream of office life for around a century and have undergone numerous improvements during last 100 years. Most modern paper shredders used in offices come with a wastebasket ranging from 10 to 30 litre capacity and can shred up to 8 sheets of a paper at a time.

  14. Staplers
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    Staplers are the preferred method for fastening a loose group of papers and are used in all offices, schools, homes and universities. Office stapler come in a wide variety as manual small staplers, electric staplers and heavy use staplers are extensively used in almost all the offices.

  15. Telephones and Accessories
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    Telephones have remained the mainstay of office telecommunication despite the rise of mobile phones and internet. Indeed, office telephones have weathered the cellular phone storm in a much better way than the phones used in homes or other non-commercial establishments.

  16. Thermal Binders
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    Thermal binders are the best way for binding documents or sheets of papers without punching holes in them. Thermal binding ensures that no piece of paper is cut during the process as instead of using spirals or wires it uses the heat and glue for binding the documents.

  17. Wire Binders
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    Wire binders are used for wire binding various documents and can be mainly divided into manual and electric wire binders. In addition to bounding 100-300 pages together, wire binders can also punch holes in 10-25 sheets of paper.

  18. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.