An office is almost synonymous with stationery as offices are the largest consumers of stationery along with educational establishments such as Schools, Colleges and Universities. Almost all offices use several stationery items such as pens, pencils, erasers, envelopes, crayons, correction fluid, drawing sets, hardback notebooks, accounting forms, notepads, permanent markers, pencil sharpeners, whiteboard markers etc. on a regular basis and most of these items are consumed in large quantities and replaced monthly. Stationery items are a major part of monthly office supplies as they are essential to the everyday functioning of any office. Offices of almost all sizes use these items although some may be used more than others.

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  1. Accounting Forms
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    Accounting form generally refers to a wide variety of forms and payslips such as invoices, credit rolls, invoices & delivery notes, statement & remittance advice, P60 forms etc. which are used in most offices of all types for internal and external accounting needs. Most of the accounting forms are designed to be compatible with an accounting software.

  2. Coloured Pencils
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    Coloured pencils use wax or oil based core instead of graphite core used in traditional pencils which is combined with colour pigments to impart a colour to marks made by these pencils. Coloured pencils are widely used in almost all offices.

  3. Conference Badges
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    Conference badges can be found in many shapes and sizes and can be paper, plastic, large format, reusable and custom branded.

  4. Correction Fluid
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    Correction fluids are used for masking errors or mistakes made by ink pens of all types. Correction fluids are widely used in offices, schools, classrooms and other establishments. Most companies sell correction fluids in form of small 5 or 10 ml bottles which have a brush attached to their cap allowing one to apply correction fluid to exact places on a paper.

  5. Correction Pens
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    Correction pens contain correction fluid and are similarly used for masking errors or mistakes made by pen or ink of any type. Correction pens are easy to carry and have numerous advantages over correction fluid bottles. Correction pens make the process of masking errors on paper quite easier and there is also no risk of fluid spilling to paper or other surface which often happens with correction fluid bottles.

  6. Craft Products
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    Craft products refer to several items used in most offices such as tracing paper, tissue paper, parchment design paper, glitter colour bottles, crayons, coloured pencils, fluorescent coloured paper, art paper boards etc. Most of these items are bought by businesses on a regular basis as part of their monthly office supplies.

  7. Crayons
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    Crayons are made up of wax, charcoal, chalk, oiled chalk, hardened grease or water soluble colours and are used extensively in most offices for writing and drawing on paper or other surfaces. Crayons are particularly useful for drawing and illustration purposes and a set of crayon usually comes in all poplar colours.

  8. Drawing Sets
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    Drawing sets are used in most offices and are exceptionally helpful for drawing shapes or diagrams. Drawing sets are extensively used in artistic, design or engineering based businesses and can be commonly found across offices, classrooms and universities. Most include several items such as eraser, sharpener, pencil, set squares, ruler etc.

  9. Envelopes
    - 5 Suppliers 1,709 Products

    Envelopes are an essential packaging and mailing item used in all offices and business for posting documents or letters. Nowadays, self-sealing envelopes have replaced glue based envelopes due to their ease of use. Envelope sizes are generally express in mm.

  10. Erasers
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    Erasers are used in offices of all types for erasing marks, curves or drawings made by a pencil. Erasers can remove marks of most types of pencils, and there are pen erasers, crayon erasers available for specialized uses.

  11. Flip Chart Markers
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    Flip chart markers are used for writing on flip charts during a presentation and are a common feature in almost all presentation or conference rooms. Flip chart markers mostly use water-based ink and can leave permanent or non-permanent marks depending on the ink and surface.

  12. Hardback notebooks
    - 1 Supplier 114 Products

    Hardback notebooks provide an easy way for recording and storing important information and are used by several professionals in most of the offices. Most hardback notebooks have a leather cover with embossed finish and can last for years with a little bit of care and protection.

  13. Labels & Labelling Supplies
    - 20 Suppliers 13,378 Products

    Labels and labelling supplies refer to several items used for labelling in an office. Normally address labels, franking labels, labelling guns, identification labels, and speciality labels such as stick it notes are considered as part of labelling supplies. Labels may be self-adhesive such as stick it notes or non-adhesive which may require glue to stick to a surface.

  14. Legal Stationery
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    Legal stationery is widely used by those in the field of law, where it might be required to have some prestigious stationery that supports the company image. This can include stationery which is totally bespoke, engraved or personalised. It includes envelopes, paper, pads, notepads, registers, ledger sheets, minute sheets and notarial stationery.

  15. Notepads
    - 2 Suppliers 69 Products

    Notepads are used in all offices for taking notes, recording important events, taking meeting minutes etc. Most office workers use one or another type of notepad. Notepad sizes vary greatly and notepad of A4, A5 or A7 sizes can be easily bought in the market.

  16. Paints & Brushes
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    Paints and brushes of various types are used in most offices and make up an important part of monthly office supplies. Paint can be of different type such as hard clay paint, powder paint, ready mix paint or ready mixed paint and is available in several shades and colours.

  17. Pencil Sharpeners
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    Pencil sharpeners are used for sharpening the writing tip of a pencil. Sharpeners basically use a metallic blade which peels off the outer coating and inner graphite core of a pencil. Many sharpeners also have a small removable waste container attached to their bodies for storing and removing waste generated during the sharpening process.

  18. Pencils
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    Pencils are used for writing, drawing, technical drawings and creating other illustrations in most of the offices. Most pencils consist of a graphite core combined with clay pigment and a hard-outside coating for protecting the inner core. Softness or hardness of a pencil on a scale known as HB scale where HB pencil refers to the medium grade.

  19. Pens
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    Pens are the most common items found in almost all offices irrespective of office location, size or industry. Although, fountain pens have been popular during 19th and 20th century, in recent times ballpoint pens have replaced them as the writing tool of the masses.

  20. Permanent Markers
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    Permanent markers as the name suggests, are used for leaving permanent marks on a variety of surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, stone or glass. These markers use special rubber and water resistant ink which normally lasts for years if not removed via special chemical agents.

  21. Postage & Packaging Supplies
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    Most offices use several postage and packaging supply items such as box tape, packing list envelopes, bubble wrap, bubble bags, grip seal bags etc. for postage and packaging of important document s and shipments. Some or all of these items may be needed in an office on a regular basis depending on the needs of the business.

  22. Printer and Copier Paper
    - 6 Suppliers 2,824 Products

    Printer and copier paper constitutes an important part of monthly office supplies and is often the most widely consumed item in any office. Printer and copier paper comes in several sizes such as A4, A3 or A5 and the whiteness, brightness and shades of paper also varies greatly.

  23. Signature books
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    Signature books allow one to manage and organize important documents such as invoices, contracts, payslips etc. which require signed approval from a department head or a manager. Signature books are normally made up of high quality Cardboard, Polypropylene material which ensures the durability of a signature book.

  24. Sticky Notes & Flags
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    Sticky notes and flags are used in all offices for marking, highlighting or indexing important information and are the preferred method for keeping a tab on important to-do tasks. Sticky notes and flags come with strong adhesive which allows one to stick them to any surface.

  25. Sundries
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    Stationery sundries are a wide range of small office and desk supplies that are used for a wide range of administrative uses. It can include equipment to be written in as well as supplies which allow for filing and sorting. Stationery sundries are widely used in the office, including the home office. They are also used domestically and widely used by students in school.

  26. Whiteboard Markers
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    Whiteboard markers are used for leaving semi-permanent, easily erasable marks on a whiteboard or a similar surface. They are almost like permanent markers except for their use of erasable ink. As such whiteboard markers are used extensively in presentations, conference rooms in addition to educational institutions.

  27. Wirebound Notebooks
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    Wirebound notebooks provide an easy way for taking notes and generally use wire spine for holding papers. It’s easy to remove pages from a wirebound notebook which can then be filed in files or folders for recordkeeping. Wirebound notebooks are used in all offices and workplaces for everyday office activities.

  28. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.