Valves and Taps

In general, taps and valves are used in kitchen and bathroom fixtures to ensure a regular flow of water for washing or bathing purposes or to regulate the quantity of water released. A valve is used when there is a change from higher to lower pressure and contain some kind of blocking mechanism to close partially or entirely the water flow. A tap is, in fact, a globe valve. There are a number of types of tap. Compression washer taps have separate taps for hot and cold water. Ball (or mixer) taps have a rotating ball with a single level to combine hot and cold water in one stream. Other common kinds of taps are disk and cartridge taps. Valves exist in a greater number of varieties: ball, butterfly, cock/plug, gate/sluice and spool valves. Toilets operate on a two-valve system to release and refill water into the cistern. Taps and valves are used everywhere in the water distribution system. They are also used in the agricultural sector for irrigation purposes. Industrial facilities requiring a continual flow of water rely on valves. Electrical appliances like washing machines contain a valve as a pressure control mechanism.

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