Hand Tools

Hand tools can be defined as anything that is used manually. In comparison to power tools, they tend to be both cheaper and safer. Like any piece of equipment, care should be taken to use them for the purpose for which they were designed. There is a wide variety of hand tools so they can be categorised by their main use. Impact and striking tools include hammers, mallets and sledgehammers. Twisting or fastening tools are implements like wrenches or screwdrivers which are used to unfasten or join two materials or fittings together. For carpentry or woodcutting, the most commonly used tools are saws, planes and chisels whilst a metal worker would make use of dies, drills, files, punches and taps. Devices to secure objects in place are tools like clamps, pliers and vices. Laying out tools are used for marking and measuring such as spirit levels and scribers. Finally for the maintenance of tools, there are various implements to grind or sharpen them. The use of hand tools is widespread in the construction industry although different professions might make use of different tools. They are also commonly found in toolboxes for people to do home improvements or maintenance work.

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